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The World Card and Other Cards of the Tarot Cards.

The Universal Dancer

Behold the final card of the Tarot journey—The World, also known as the Universal Dancer. At this pinnacle, we transcend into a state of oneness with existence, moving in harmony with the cosmic Dance. It is a moment of alchemical transformation, where we co-create with the Universe, losing all sense of separation or duality. We become the gold, the Universal Dancer, where enlightenment is our ultimate destination. Alchemy is the path we walk, the practice we engage in, to attain this state of complete integration with the Universe.

The arcane whispers of esoteric knowledge are cloaked in veils of secrecy, for their potency is not to be taken lightly. When the uninitiated handle such power, the consequences can be dire.

Ancient Egypt

Therefore, these practices are often concealed within more commonplace traditions. To those who have unlocked the portals of magic, the truth gleams with an inner radiance, while others may see only the surface-level enchantment. For instance, the mystical art of Tarot was once a mere game of cards, while the Sacred Dance was preserved in the fluid movements of belly dance, tribal dance, oriental dance, and even Latin dances. Such is the mystique that surrounds the ethereal arts.

The art of accessing this mystical force is a sacred ritual.

Ancient Egyptian Canopic Jars

By relinquishing control, one unlocks a profound inner strength, empowering oneself rather than seeking dominion over others. The ancients revered the dance of the universe, embracing the ebb and flow of existence. Glimpsing into their ancient wisdom and teachings may illuminate the path to a more enlightened tomorrow.

About the Founder

Enter the mystical realm of Leslie Zehr, a divine guide, mentor, author, and Founder of the Universal Dancer, who has been illuminating the path toward the Divine Feminine for over three decades. She unfurls the mysteries of ancient Egypt, allowing women to reconnect with their inner divinity. Drawing upon her vast knowledge and training in the mystical arts, Leslie leads her students through the sacred dance, weaving together the threads of hypnotherapy, astrology, aromatherapy, and homeopathy. As an esoteric wisdom teacher, she has left her enchanting mark on temples and archaeological sites along the Nile, as well as in studios across the United States. Her teachings are captured in two books: The Alchemy of Dance: Sacred Dance as a Path to the Universal Dancer and The Al-chemia Remedies: Vibrational Essences from Egyptian Flowers and Sacred Sites. Her online school, The Universal Dancer Temple of the Sacred Arts, is a portal into the mystical world of the Divine Feminine, and her podcast, The Universal Dancer Podcast, is a beacon of hope for seekers of truth and enlightenment.

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Temple of the Sacred Arts

Behold The Temple, a sanctuary of the heart and hearth, where seekers are embraced by the warmth of wisdom and the balm of belonging. Here, the soul may feast on offerings of spiritual sustenance, and the spirit may dance with kindred souls. Enshrined within these hallowed halls lie the keys to unlocking the mysteries of ancient cultures and sacred arts, bringing balance and wholeness to our modern world. Come, and let us journey together towards the light of enlightenment.


Rediscover the sacredness of your body and the divine feminine energies that move through you

En este libro, la autora nos lleva en un viaje arquetípico del Tarot a la Bailarina Universal, el Oro–accediendo, a través del Baile, el poder contenido en el “campo”

Flowers are more than just beautiful to behold; they are symbols of the divine unfolding into manifestation and work only for the highest good.

Step into the magical realm of The Universal Dancer Podcast, where the ethereal dance of the cosmos unfolds before your very ears.

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Step into the magical realm of The Universal Dancer Podcast, where the ethereal dance of the cosmos unfolds before your very ears. Leslie Zehr, the enchantress behind The Alchemy of Dance and The Al-chemia Remedies, beckons you from the magical land of Egypt to join her in a spellbinding voyage through the secrets of sacred dance, arts, mysticism, and magic. The galaxy of the sacred arts awaits your arrival as we transcend the boundaries of time and space and journey into the realm of co-creation. Become a part of our community, and let us unleash your boundless imagination and creativity.